The inspiration for my work comes from a study of structure and balance within natural forms. I’m interested in structures that once contained or supported life. These forms, although silent, convey a presence of the life they once held or supported. I strive to capture this presence in my own work.

Stone is a beautiful material to work in. The weight and texture, and even resistance of the material as I carve, help guide the forms I create. I enjoy this physical working of stone; the rhythmic erosion to reveal the form within. My sculptures have an intrinsic tactile quality which comes from working the stone to achieve a balance between form and surface.

I trained in Art and Design at Portsmouth college of Art gaining a Diploma in jewellery design. Following this I qualified from Manchester Polytechnic with a BA (Hons) in 3D Design majoring in Metal and Glass. My interest in stone carving began after being given the rather unusual gift of a piece of limestone.  I bought myself a basic mallet and chisel from a DIY store, started working the stone and became hooked.